Hemmen & Associates has offered accounting and practice management services to the dental profession since 1964.

The Dental Practice Transition division started in 1992 with one accounting client and his need to sell his most valuable asset due to illness. Because of extensive acquaintances built with the Accounting and Tax Division with dental professionals throughout the Midwest, Hemmen & Associates started a network to find a successor. A Buyer was located with the story ending in a successful transition.  Hemmen & Associates to communicate annually with the Seller.

This one successful transaction resulted in other requests from retiring and relocating dentists throughout the Midwest. Today H&A is the largest Dental Practice Broker in the Iowa/Illinois area. Dental Practice Management Services are offered nationally.

Finding the buyer is only the beginning of a successful practice transition.

Because of extensive work with dental clients in Iowa and Illinois, Hemmen & Associates has established valuable working relationships with attorneys and accountants throughout these states to better facilitate practice transitions. With only a few dental practice transitions per year, many of these professionals have limited exposure to the unique aspects of a dental practice sale. Working with Hemmen & Associates forms a team of experts to better serve our mutual clients.

When a buyer is found for the transition, Hemmen & Associates provides assistance to the buyer to negotiate the terms of the loan. Many lenders have come to appreciate the complete and accurate practice information provided by our firm, thus bringing the transition to a successful close in a timely manner.

Hemmen & Associates’ philosophy in any negotiation, whether for sale, a buy-in or an associate agreement, is that it has to be fair to the parties of the transaction. It will not last or be successful if fairness has been ignored.

Hemmen & Associates does not believe there is a “rule of thumb” in the appraising business. Every practice is different and demands to be studied individually. Each practice retaining our service is visited in order to achieve the best possible understanding of its market and its offerings.

Hemmen & Associates is ready to serve you.


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