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“I am very satisfied with the service that Hemmen & Associates provided. I received regular updates and was informed of what was happening throughout the entire process. What I liked and appreciated the most was I always felt HA had my best interest in mind. When things became questionable, they always made it a priority to get the questions answered. When I had any concerns, they were addressed immediately and resolved in a matter of minutes. I am grateful for the wonderful and professional service that HA provided and I would highly recommend them to all of my colleagues.”

IL General DDS

“The best thing was that they sold my practice for me, and the next is that they are totally honest and always in touch.”

IL General DDS

“ Hemmen & Associates held my hand the entire time and went out of their way to help me make it happen. Whenever I had a question, there was always someone there to answer it for me. Their professionalism is top notch, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”

IA General DDS

“Hemmen & Associates gets things done. I had tried through various means to sell my practice for almost three and on-half years. After retaining Hemmen & Associates, the practice was sold within five months at a price that both the purchaser and myself felt very comfortable with.”

IL General DDS

“Within three weeks after being diagnosed with a disability which would eventually prevent me from continuing my practice of dentistry, Hemmen & Associates had obtained a purchaser and directed the sale of my practice. I was most pleased with my successor and with the sale price.”

IA General DDS

“Mr. Hemmen has assisted me in a most efficient manner in obtaining three dental practices, an associate, a partner, and the sale of one satellite. His direction has been very profitable to my group.”

IA General DDS

“Thanks again for everything you did – being there when Dad and I needed you. It was almost unbelievable that you were able to obtain what was considered a very generous offer to purchase Dad’s practice only six weeks after his diagnosis.”

IA General DDS

About Us

Since 1964

dental practice sales

Hemmen and Associates (formerly known as Henry Hemmen and  Associates, Inc.) has offered Accounting and Practice Management services to the Dental profession since 1964. 

Since 1992, the Dental Practice Brokerage division has assisted with transitions Nationwide while concentrating in the Midwest.

Due to the extensive services provided Dental clients, H&A has established valuable working relationships with attorneys, accountants and lenders from across the country to better facilitate Practice Transitions.

dental practice sales



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Hemmen and Associates helps dentists extract maximum value and cash flow from their dental practices.

The owner and president of the dental brokerage, Tom Hemmen, is the guest on this episode of Dentists, Puns, & Money.

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