When Henry Hemmen & Associates, Inc. is assisting the Seller in a practice transition, assistance to buyers is provided to seek and negotiate financing terms with lenders.* HHA, Inc. does not accept finder fees, commissions, gifts, or any type of remuneration from lenders. Accepting compensation from lenders costs the buyer in the form of higher closing costs or higher interest rates. We at HHA, Inc. prefer to pass any benefit on to the Buyer. A list of preferred lenders can be provided that offer fair interest rates, good terms, good service, and take the transition to a successful conclusion.

Dental practice loans have proven to be a low risk investment for lenders, making loan acquisition very  possible for most potential buyers. Credit Ratings do not have to be perfect to be considered.

Henry Hemmen & Associates, Inc. has become known with many lenders to provide accurate practice information, thereby expediting the loan process.

Practice transition consulting is available to Buyers after a practice of interest has been selected and is not a dental practice listed for sale with our firm. HHA, Inc. will assist in determining the offer price and negotiate the terms of the agreement. Our vast experience and expertise in dental practice transitions is widely appreciated by Buyer’s attorneys and accountants who, although competent advisors, may have never been involved in a dental practice transition.

Henry Hemmen & Associates, Inc. will not practice “dual representation” (represent both buyer and seller). A list of reputable professionals who specialize in the dental industry will be provided to the buyer, if advisors have not yet been retained.

* The Broker’s contract with the seller (Listing Agreement) states that the Broker may provide assistance to the Buyer to seek and negotiate financial assistance.